• Belinda Bencic x Huawei: My Way

    Achieving your dreams takes more than luck – it is often hard work. Huawei brand ambassador and tennis star Belinda Bencic knows this all too well. Over the years, she has successfully turned her challenges into opportunities. Belinda describes her recipe for success and how Huawei and Belinda both share a common goal.
    Year: 2016
    Director: Sven Kalvelage
    Kamera: Olaf Markmann/Tim Drabandt
    Edit: Thorben Frädermann
    Buch: UDG/Kai Ole Petersen
    Agency: United Digital Group
    Production company: mediatouch

  • Happy Moments/Glücksmomente

    Happy Moments of Mobility from Siemens Mobility Managemant.
    Shot on Sony FS7 and α7RII 4K in Berlin, Istanbul and Singapore.
    Year: 2016
    Director: Marco Küchle, Sven Kalvelage

    Buch: Daniel Boklage
    Agency: hl-studios

  • Desigo CC

    Keyvisual for the Building Management System Desigo CC from Siemens Building Technology.
    Shot on RED EPIC 4K in Bangkok, Thailand.
    Year: 2014
    Director: Sven Kalvelage
    Agency: hl-studios

  • We make the most of rail!

    Imagefilm for Infrastructure and Cities Rail Systems.

    Year: 2013
    Director: Sven Kalvelage
    Agency: hl-studios

  • Sklostroj Turnov CZ

    A film about the new container-glasmachine model ISS.
    Director & Script: Sven Kalvelage
    Agency: hl-studios

  • Healthcare CVME

    Imagefilm about a systemsupplier for medical technical solutions.
    Year: 2012
    Director: Sven Kalvelage
    Agency: hl-studios

  • Pioneer in rail efficiency

    Imagefilm for Siemens Rail Automation. 2012
    Script: Sven Kalvelage
    Text: Annette Link
    Director: Sven Kalvelage/Daniel Boklage
    Agency: hl-studios
    Awards: Jahrbuch der Werbung 2012

  • X-ray tube plant Wuxi/Shanghai

    Imagefilm for Siemens Healthcare Clinical Products.
    Year: 2011
    Director: Sven Kalvelage
    Agency: hl-studios

  • Siemens Rail Services Refurbishment

    Imagetrailer for Siemens Rail Services about worldwide refurbishment projects.

    Year: 2012
    Director: Sven Kalvelage
    Editor: Max von Stromberg
    Agency: hl-studios

  • Showreel #2

    Showreel#2/Sven Kalvelage/corporate films/corporate documentary

    Year: 2010
    Director: Sven Kalvelage


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